Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I was quite excited when I saw this lidded pot at the local Salvation Army store. I thought it was a vintage piece of milk glass and I'm sure I'd seen something similar in a Martha Stewart magazine. I popped it in the pram and headed home to wash it up. As I did I spotted something that disappointed me somewhat a maker's mark or in this case a brand on the bottom, can you guess who made my piece of milk glass???? - Avon! I am a little disappointed that it's not as old as I thought, but I still like it. It's on my bedside table at the moment but with two little ones who like to visit for snuggles in the morning it might need to find a new resting place.

Have you had any fabulous finds at the thrift store that weren't quite what you thought when you got them home? No? Just me then.


  1. i have the same pot but it doesn't have a lid and i didn't even know it was supposed to have one and i didn't know it was avon..but you know what..i still love it..i use it to serve cream and jams and so on..i hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine..

    i get caught out occasionally with purchases where i don't notice a chip or where i think a fabric is cotton (i'm not fond of synthetics) but it's you're definitely not the only one! jane

  2. tea with hazel I hope you read this! I've been trying to comment on your beautiful blog but I don't seem to be able to for some reason. Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog and your blog is so lovely, I am so envious of that enamel mug collection! Take care.


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