Friday, May 6, 2011


The farm is nearly finished and some animals have arrived to check out the progress. There are just a few more things to do and then it's all finished, another row of crocheted carrots, weave in some loose ends of thread, and sew a pocket on the back so it will fold up into it's own case. It's a really rainy day today so I think I'll get a chance to finish it all off.

Happy weekend to you! and if you are a mother, happy mother's day for Sunday- I'm hoping for a lie in.


  1. This looks amazing, you can certainly see how much effort went into this. Your little one will love it so much!

  2. That is truly amazing Louana, you have outdone yourself!!!

  3. Wow, you said you were working on this farm. It is truly amazing!
    You are so talented Louana. You have a very lucky little girl!

  4. This is so cool! my kids would love something like this.


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