Thursday, May 12, 2011


This is the before photo - fingers crossed there will be an "after" one. I found this Ashford doll's pram in the local Salvation Army today. It needs a bit of love, some of the small cane parts have broken off and it needs a good clean and perhaps a paint job. Funny thing is the kids have played with it all afternoon with no alterations (other than me giving it a quick clean) so maybe it's "loved" just as it is. I didn't know Ashford made children's toys, I thought they only made spinning wheels.

Pop back tomorrow when I'll be sharing my favourite pattern for dishcloths, I've been working my way through my cotton stash making a big pile of them.


  1. Actually I remember from their website that they make hobby horses too. That is one cute pram with SO much potential! I love the detail! When I thrifted a dolls pram the 5 yr old boy I was babysitting playd with it (that alone surprised me) without the seat attached (surprised m even more!). Kids would play with sticks if they had to!


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