Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ok, so it's not heaps of yellow in this sewing, but there is a squeeze of lemon in there. I made this tunic before Christmas, it didn't fit how I wanted despite doing a calico first. Needless to say I wasn't so happy and it sat in a crumpled heap for a few months. Then I decided to give it another chance, the fabric is striped linen that I picked up for $1.50 a metre, bargain. So with nothing to lose I cut the top part off and added some shirring to form a waistband. I'm really pleased with it now - phew! I snapped a quick pic of it on while I was in the garden, not the best photo or top to be wearing with it either. It's really comfy to wear and nice and cool in this hot and humid weather.

The black stripes are just some bias binding that I sewed on randomly, I just pretended that I was on project runway and tried to "make it work" - ok you are all laughing at me right now, but I'm ok with that.

Tomorrow some yellow(ish) food


  1. I'm definitely not laughing.
    It is great that you made it work for you because there is nothing more frustrating than making something that isn't quite right and then having it take up some precious space in the WIP pile. BTW, my WIP is massive!
    I think it is cute.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. I think it is delightful. No laughing from here! Cx

  3. the dress looked beautiful- i'm sorry it didn't fit right (i hate it when that happens). but the skirt is really lovely so well done you.


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