Monday, February 7, 2011


It's going to be a week of yellow posts. I've noticed yellow popping up all around me lately. It's far from my favourite colour, being a redhead (or strawberry blonde) it isn't a colour that I'm attracted to. It's my husband's favourite colour and so I'm starting to warm to it a bit more.

So today, yellow from our garden! There are sunflowers, zucchini flowers and the little yellow ones pictured are from small watermelons. There seem to be loads of these black and yellow ladybugs too, I hope they are friendly!

Tomorrow a yellow sewing project.......


  1. Yellow isn't a favourite colour of mine to wear either, but it certainly is a happy colour! I have never seen a yellow ladybug before - what a find...

  2. Gorgeous photos, love the shot of the sunflower. Makes me smile :)

  3. We have loads of the yellow ladybugs too. I was worried that they weren't friendly too, but after doing a couple of hours research I was pleased to find that they are harmless yellow ladybugs. Nothing sinister.


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