Wednesday, February 2, 2011

for treasure

It's been more than a year since I made some treasure bags , from the book Handmade home by Amanda Soule. While they are great they just don't suit our beach gathering style! Our trips to the beach lately have seen me at the water edge with a handful of shells/stones/driftwood from miss E, trying to get back to the treasure bags and watch the children in the water at the same time. It just wasn't working.(this is when my husband would laugh at me, a post about collecting shells from the beach!) Then I remembered I had a little bit of the insect mesh left over from the treasure bags and it was just the perfect size for what I had in mind. A little pouch with a long strap that I could sling across my body, a flap so no shells will escape as I get in and out of the water and chase kids along the beach (I attached a piece of Velcro to keep it closed).

It had it's first outing this week and I'm happy to report it works just how I imagined. It doesn't hold too many shells, but that is a good thing, how many shells do we actually need to bring home?


  1. Thank you! You might have just saved me doing what you just did! I've been thinking of making these for a while, but I think I'll skip the original and do it your way :)

  2. Great idea Louana. I never got around to making them either and usually end up with pockets full of sand and treasures.

  3. Man, you have been making so many things, I'm so impressed! Love these, and the ladybirds too!

  4. oh perfect, thanks for this inspiration...we live at piha and i get in trouble when i lose special treasures that i had tucked into my togs in the surf. One of these bags might do the trick nicely!


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