Thursday, October 29, 2009

for treasures

I made these many weeks ago, I didn't want to post about them till they were tested out at the beach. They are treasure bags a project from my favourite book Handmade Home by Amanda Soule. They worked a treat for me and my little shell collector who is actually more of a rock collector. I made mine from a thrifted curtain and I crocheted some shells with nylon fishing line into shell "flowers" and sewed them on front. For the little one I found a set of 4 Kina napkins at a thrift store for 50c and I used one for the front, binding and handles, it seemed an suitable print for a beach bag. I used insect netting from Mitre 10 for the body of the bags, from memory it was around $4 per metre and was enough to make around 3 bags. These will get a good work out this summer, hopefully not too many rocks though! we might have to start a rock garden.


  1. ha- my daughter loves to collect rocks too- we have a little rock garden for her. :)
    i love your beach-colecting bags- so great! and thanks too for the tip about mitre ten- i never would have thought to look there.

  2. Oh they're lovely. I have so many projects I want to try from that book... but so many things that I seem to need to do first (like a warrant for our car and buying face paint for the school disco tonight!).


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