Wednesday, October 21, 2009

kusudama flowers

I stumbled upon this tutorial for these lovely Kusudama origami flowers a few months ago. I made quite a few of them from pages from an old childrens' encylopedia and then didn't really have any ideas of how I was going to display them. I was looking at some wooden chopsticks from some sushi and I thought that's just what those flowers need. So I glued a chopstick down the middle of each flower, now they can be easily displayed in a vase and the intricate pattern can be admired. I thought about using wire to attatch them on some fallen branches too and I tried gluing some together to make a flower ball, although it seems quite right for origami flowers to be on chopsticks and of course it's great way to use up all those chopsticks too.


  1. These are amazing! Wow, that is just so neat

  2. hey that is so cool! i've never seen kusudama flowers before. will have to try these... thanks for the link!


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