Monday, December 13, 2010

breathe out

cards from Hydrangea Ranger
finger puppets (for some Christmas stockings) from Nuzilla

notebooks from tiny happy
necklace from ferrit
my stall!

It was a great day on Saturday at the Auckland Art and Craft fair, and now I feel like I can breathe out again. It was a frantic few weeks leading up to the fair, lots of late nights intertwined with other commitments and finding my way back to coffee drinking after a long hiatus. I had a good time and it was great to finally meet Melissa from tiny happy . I made a few purchases too, to cross off a few names on my Christmas list.
Now all the crafting for the fair is over I have to get going on some projects for the children, like one of these for mr A, and a farm version of this for miss E. Somehow I think they both might end up as birthday presents though, I might be over the late nights.


  1. 'twas so nice to meet you finally! i'm glad you had fun at the fair. :)

  2. Hi Louana!
    Just found you through Melissa's blog!
    I think thats my stall in the distance in your photo.
    I'm sorry we didn't get to meet. I didn't have any staff on saturday! It was a great day. (and way more space than last time!)XJennie.

  3. it was nice to meet you; I'm glad your first market was such a nice one :) Your table looked great, well done!

  4. Ooh hope it went well for you! Your stall looks lovely!


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