Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My little man is not one to sit still, he likes to be on the move and not tied down. This makes most mealtimes (and shopping in the stroller) a bit of a battle. Breakfast and dinner are fine with company close by he seems quite contented, but lunch and snack times are a no go. So I decided to stop fighting it and come up with another solution. This week I made a snack mat, a vintage sheet that I was finally brave enough to cut into formed the top and a towel looking past it's best became the batting. I had some striped denim fabric that I thrifted a while ago for the bottom layer an old pair of jeans for the border. It's a big hit! He seems to love sitting down on it with a little bowl of snacks and stays sitting on it till finished (but not when mum is trying to take a photo). Now just to make a few more as I imagine this one will get dirty quickly enough!

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  1. oh the fabric is just gorgeous, what a great find!


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