Monday, June 7, 2010

a bit of blue

The long weekend has seen us tucked up inside for most of it, with rain, rain and more rain pouring down outside. It has meant that I've had a chance to do a little crafting, finishing off some projects that have been half started and working on some that I have been meaning to start. Like the blue rug for miss E, when she saw this one that I made for my room she wanted one for hers. I chose some more of the factory off cuts for hers but it's much softer on the feet than mine and it worked up really quickly. For any crocheters out there, I worked in the back loops for each round creating more of a ring look.

I finished this beanie off for my sister who has a cold head in Wellington, I used a thrifted merino jumper so it's nice and lightweight and finished it off with a small patch from umbrella prints. Doesn't my hair look like a scarecrows? I probably should have got someone who had brushed their hair to be my model, ahem.

I started some of these for miss E, I'll share the finished product soon, I ran out of elastic and couldn't quite finish them much to the annoyance of a housebound 4 year old desperate to try out her new wings.


  1. Love all your creations - what a lucky little girl and sister you have! x

  2. Thanks little grubs, I wish I was keeping the hat for myself!

  3. wow, some great crafting going on in your house. LOVE the crochet rug! I'm telling myself now for the millionth time that I must learn to crochet one day!

  4. it's nice to see a wee glimpse of you! love your new blue creations. and can't wait to see the finished wings! :)

  5. I'm obsessed with these rugs, they look sooooo cool! I want a huge one for our lounge... oooooh


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