Thursday, June 24, 2010

button on

I love to find aprons at the thrift store, especially the ones that look like they have never been used. The fabric is often fabulous and it always makes me wonder if it was left over from some other project then fashioned into an apron or bought especially for an apron. I find lots of "new" old ones so many that they have to be pretty special to come home with me now. The one at the top is one of those, I nearly didn't get it, then I noticed that it had a removable portion of towelling buttoned on! (and it was in perfect condition) How cool is that, it's now my mission to recreate such an apron as that is exactly what I need when cooking. Normally I end up with a tea towel stuffed into the pocket of my apron to use as needed, makes much more sense to have it attached (yet removable) on the apron. It makes me sad that it never saw much use as it seems like the perfect apron to me.


  1. I agree- a brilliant idea! I may need to put button holes onto my kitchen towels and a button on my apron too.


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