Monday, May 3, 2010

to eat or not to eat

We do a lot of walking around town and miss E is a collector (yes, she gets that from me) of all sorts of things during our walks. Pine cones, small and large, seeds and seed pods, feijoas, guavas, pecans,leaves and the list goes on. There are many edible things in our garden too that she grazes upon too. There in lies the problem, there are heaps of plants and berries and seeds and nut like things out there that she can't eat and how does a four year old tell the difference? especially when there seem to be so many that are OK to eat.

I have been taking photos of the things we find as we find them and I've started to put together a little book, a reference guide for her so she knows what's OK and what's not. So yellow guavas that fall over our fence from our neighbours house are OK (although I really want them all saved up to make jam) and the beautiful toadstools that we found on a walk last week are not OK. I'm leaving a little space to write in the names of all the things so we both can learn the proper names. Hopefully this little book in combination of asking mummy first will mean no calls to the poison line!


  1. What a great idea! It will be a lovely book to take into class at school too.

  2. We found this especially when our youngest was 2 1/2. We planted nasturtiums and had great fun eating the petals which of course meant she thought she could eat any flower petals!!! I love your idea it will be a lovely record. x

  3. A nice idea!
    How amazing to see an Amanita is person! I hope I get to too one day, for now creating them from felt is fun : )

  4. i love that your little girl is such a gatherer. good girl. :)
    i think the idea of your 'found things' scrapbook sounds great- and would be such fun to look back on later!


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