Monday, May 10, 2010

new clothes

There was much talk over the last week about the lack of warm clothes for this dear little doll of miss E's. It's a lovely doll from melissa of tiny happy. She came with some lovely summery clothes, a dress, pretty skirt and some summer pants. But as we have started to wear more layers it has been decided that she should also have some extra layers. So I started a little bit of special sewing. A warm had, a little jumper that was made from some left over felted jumper, that was also used here and here. Little pants that I sewed from some fabric that miss E had chosen herself. I dressed her up in her new clothes and snuck into miss E's room and placed her on her bed so she would get a surprise when she woke up, she did.

No I haven't learnt to knit, but we were at a church gala over the weekend and miss E spotted this little pink jumper and thought it was perfect for her doll. I was worried it would be too small and was trying to get her to buy a super cute red cardi, but no the pink it was. A little bit of stretching later and it fitted. Now she's all set for the cooler days ahead.


  1. Gorgeous! How cute that she thought of her dolly getting cold.

  2. Too cute! She's bound to be the warmest (and styliest) doll on the block!

  3. umm, i can't tell you how happy this makes me.


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