Thursday, May 6, 2010

under the sea

We had a trip to the Auckland Museum this week. I was struck by this little installation that they have going there. It's a "crochet sea garden" and over the school holidays they had crocheter's there daily doing live crochet adding to this wall (I wish I had known I would have loved to see that). If you visited over the holidays you could have the chance to do some crochet to add and some of the pieces are tagged so you can see who contributed what. Some of the pieces are really quite stunning and I can certainly appreciate all the work that has gone into them. There will be more pieces added as they are made, fibre artists from all over Auckland are contributing pieces.

In case you didn't know and you are a Aucklander - the museum is free for Aucklanders till the 31st of May.

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  1. What a beautiful creation. It must have been great to see in real life. x


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