Monday, December 3, 2012


I took part in a local handmade market on the weekend, at (and spilling out of) our local art gallery. It was a great day and I did much better than I expected, a great way to ease into next weekend at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair! I was under a tree at the front of the gallery, where an artist was inviting market goers to "write a wish" to be added to the tree.

 Akiko Diegel had made all the tags from left over woollen blanket pieces from her installation.  It was so nice to see all the wishes flapping around in the breeze, and the tree was pretty full by the end of the day. Some people seemed to take a long time to think about their wish, while others (mostly the little ones) seemed to know straight away. I didn't really read any of them, it seemed a bit intrusive, however there was one that was right above me that took my eye - " I wish for a playstation". The are going to be removed from the tree and displayed in the window of the gallery - I must pop down and take a pic.

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