Friday, December 7, 2012

last minute

I had grand plans for this week, crafting-wise. But my plans were dashed with a sick little girl. I've managed to find a few small pockets of time to get some crafting done for this weekend's Auckland Art and Craft fair. I made some postcards from vintage sheeting and linen card stock. A flat card with sheeting on one side and stitching to make sure it stays in place. I used some sheeting that I had in my stash for a while. Perfect for sending a wee message in the post - snail mail needs to make a comeback!

Now I'm off to pack up all my crafty stuff and hopefully an early night! It's a long day tomorrow!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I'm sure they'll be snapped up super quick. Good luck with the fair, wish I could come and have a nosey x

  2. These look beaut! Im so sad I missed you, I didnt have a helper and only snuck out from my stall once for about 2 secs to fill up my mug (I was on hot lemsip all day ggr) I hope you had a fab day, where were you placed? did you sell all your pretty notebooks?

  3. these are gorgeous :) it was nice to see you on saturday- thank you for making the market more fun! enjoy the rest of time leading up to christmas.

  4. Lovely to find your blog
    I've added you to the list of Auckland Bloggers on my page we are planning our next get together in January


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