Monday, December 10, 2012

weekending part 1

It was a really busy day on Saturday at the Auckland art and craft fair! I had an outside table this time so I was so relieved to wake up and find the sun shining (even though it was all under cover- no one would want to come out on a rainy day). The day went by so fast and I didn't get a look around all the other stalls which was probably good on my pocket! Next time though I'm going to enlist a helper so I can get around and have a look at what everyone else was up to.This year I had the best table neighbour ever and I'll write about that tomorrow!


  1. Your stall looks GREAT - I would definately have found lots of your treasures to purchase. Hope you had a successful day. Are you going to put any of your unsold items in your felt shop??? Julie :-)

  2. Gutted I missed it!
    Your table looks fab

  3. Maybe it's for the best that I couldn't come to the market - I think I may have bought entirely too many things from your stall! Everything looks so wonderful, and so well made. You really are very clever x

  4. Do you have any more of the lovely green and red embroidered goodies in the wooden bowl?? I'd love to buy some!


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