Friday, December 28, 2012

chop chop

Miss E and I now have summer hair cuts! We cut our hair to donate it to the Pantene's beautiful lengths campaign.We decided that cutting our hair for a good cause would be something little we could do for someone with cancer. A boy in miss E's class has leukaemia and she has been learning a little about cancer and the treatment people have to go through .Miss E's ponytail was 30cm and mine 23cm !

the cut wasn't much of a deal for miss E, but I don't particularly like my hair short - but it will grow again, right? Looking on the upside, it will dry so much quicker and I'll need less shampoo! - What am I worried about eh? Nothing compared to the person who receive a wig made from our hair.


  1. Gosh Louana - you both sure had beautiful long hair. Good on you - what a great cause.
    It always takes awhile to get used to shorter hair but it will be so much cooler with this awful humid weather we are having lately,
    Well done, Have a great New Year, Julie :-)

  2. Such a beautiful thing to do - well done, ladies x

  3. Exactly what Rhiannon said. And my, what beautiful hair you both have! xx


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