Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I had a little clean up in my studio space bedroom on the weekend. Over the past few hectic weeks of crafting and busy weekends my room has been becoming more and more messy. It had got to the point that I couldn't get in and out of bed without stepping on something and that was driving me crazy. Most of the mess was little bits of fabric, bits of embroidered linen left over from making notebook covers. Too good to pop in the bin and too small to do much with. While sorting I remembered a bookmark that I had pinned, you can find it here. Once I did a little digging to find out about the original source I found it was actually a hair band! You can find it and other beautiful things by the same maker- Love Maude  here. I think I'm going to put one on my Christmas list! Maybe this one?

Anyway I was inspired by those beautiful headbands to actually make some bookmarks with all those little embroidered linen scraps. I'm hoping to give some to book loving friends this Christmas. I've got a little carried away making them, so quick and easy. I hope I find enough friends to give them to. While cleaning up I also found some little patches that I made last year, fabric with crocheted edges. So I made some of them into book marks too. The are as easy to make as they look, I added a small circle of "milk bottle" plastic on the inside to keep them nice and sturdy.

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  1. gorgeous. so handy and beautiful! looking forward to seeing you soon. x


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