Thursday, December 13, 2012

quick ornament tutorial

When I was busy covering jam jar lids last week, trying to make my recycled jam jars look a bit more Christmas-like. I thought that the lids could easily be converted into ornaments. It could be a great way to save some special wrapping paper after Christmas is over, you could make some each year with the wrapping paper that you use, to look back on in years to come. So you will need .......

*Jam jar lids, or any jar lids really. You need two lids the same size for each ornament that you wish to make.
*Glue gun
*Mod podge and a paint brush - no Mod podge? Use a 50/50 mix of PVA and water
* Wrapping or scrapbooking paper
* Braid or ribbon (I used giant ric rac, cause that was all I had!)

Place the jam jar lid on the wrong side of the wrapping paper and draw a circle around it. Leaving around a 2 -3 cm allowance. Cut the circle out.

Paint some mod podge on the top of the lid and stick it onto the wrong side of the paper. Cut some slits all around the edge, you need to cut close into where the lid is glued down.

Paint some mod podge on all the slits, making sure the mod podge goes right to the edge. Fold over all the slits, covering the lid completely with the paper. Set aside and repeat with the other lid.

Once you have two lids completed. Put some hot glue around the edge of one and pop the other on, making a jam jar lid sandwich!

Then glue the ribbon or braid over the "seam", leaving a looped bit at the top.

Try not to put too much hot glue on at this stage - um like I did! It will ooze out the sides of the braid.

Hang it on your tree! 


  1. Those are super sweet!! I'm totally using this idea, and I LOVE the wrapping paper you have used!

  2. They make great ornaments - nice idea :)


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