Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I made a few felt donuts this week, I used some old woollen jumpers that I felted for the "donut" and the "icing". I had a go at drawing a pattern myself, I underestimated how much the centre hole would stretch when sewn up so the first one didn't really look like a fat donut, more like a skinny one. Miss E and I took a sample of 100's and 1000's to the local sewing shop to buy the embroidery thread. It was a lot of fun searching for colours to match as closely as we could to the real thing. They feel great and will be used for "tea parties" much nicer than all the plastic fake food out there.


  1. this looks so nice- i want to eat it!!

  2. gorgeous, i wanna play. first i have to find a perfect little china tea set. ;) Your whole blog is delicious. I'm a fan of Melissa's too. She's so inspiring. I like the way you write and your crafty lifestyle. It all seems very uncluttered and simple. All the best with your summer garden. ;)


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