Wednesday, August 12, 2009

garden necklace

Miss E made this flower necklace with her granny (my Nana). First they searched the garden(granny's) for flowers and other things growing in the garden, they got a length of sewing cotton (dental floss works really well too) and a large needle, the sort with a blunt end. Then miss E strung everything on, tied the ends and voila! a lovely necklace. They have also made strings of flowers and attached them to short lengths of bamboo to wave about. It's such a great idea, even for small children, instead of them threading the flowers etc on, you can hold the needle and get them to push them on, or they could choose the order. I think the most fun is the gathering of all the "supplies" from the garden. Once the necklace has had it's day it can find a new home in the compost bin.

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