Saturday, August 29, 2009

spring planting

Last weekend I popped some new season seedlings in the ground. Just some parsley and silverbeet or swiss chard as it is also know, one punnet of normal green and another of the coloured/rainbow variety because it really brightens up the vege patch. There will be more planting to follow but mostly that planting will come from seeds I have sown in trays, by far the most cost effective way to grow veges. I had a little helper and after turning my back for a second I found that all the seedlings were pulled out ready to get them in the ground. Luckily they were all ok and the little hands were very gentle pushing the soil around them. I did dig in lots of compost before planting that was kind of a mistake as my compost was jammed packed with worms and after I had finished planting and retreated inside for a cuppa I found myself watching all the blackbirds in the neighbourhood having a good old scratch around and devouring all the worms - scratching all my newly planted seedlings out in the process.

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