Friday, August 28, 2009


There is a lot of yellow around at the moment, it's such a happy colour and definitely means spring to me. From the daffodils to the Kowhai flowers and some of the colours in my little elephant. He's my very first listing on Etsy, finally. I've got a few more things to list over there but first I want to change my shop header and avatar, I did them in a rush over a year ago now.
Kowhai means yellow in Maori ( the native language of New Zealand) and after some windy weather we found this little bunch of Kowhai flowers on the grass on a walk. It comes from the very large Kowhai tree pictured and it almost glows as the sun shines on it. Even though it's not officially spring for a few days yet I really feel like it's arrived already when I look at the laden branches of this beautiful tree. It seems just the right time to be making a little elephant after the sad news of Kashin the Auckland Zoo's elephant passing away earlier this week. Kashin had been at the Auckland Zoo for 36 years and I have many a fond memory of this beautiful animal.

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