Thursday, August 7, 2014

Second Pixie

Dashing out between Winter rain showers I quickly snapped a few pictures of my latest sewing project to make it to the "finished" stage (don't even ask about all the "unfinished" projects! ........Ahem). When I say finished, I didn't quite manage to sew on the buttons before taking the photos, but they are on now, trust me.

It's another Pixie Coat, pattern by Big Little, I seriously love this pattern and making it with felted woollens. This time I teamed a couple of felted jumpers that have been in my stash for quite awhile with a soft thrifted sheet. The colours seemed to work so well together, a perfect match! I added an applique flower on the front adding some embroidered details and also a flower on a long ribbon that attached to the inside of the pocket, something for the little wearer to play with.

My sewing machine is set up on a table in my bedroom, and due to the cold Winter weather I tend to sew only on the weekend during the day, it's just too cold in the evenings. I contemplated dragging my machine downstairs to the warmth of the kitchen table, for about a second - but it all seemed like to much effort, so I hand finished lots of the seams while catching up on some quality TV time *wink*  It reminded me how little I like hand sewing! Roll on Spring and the warmer weather, I'll get lots more sewing done!


  1. Love all the details and all the colours do come together beautifully! Yay for you and awesome patterns! Bring on more sewing time :) Though I do love hand-stitching! xx

  2. Loving all those colours together, and that little details on the flowers really make it. Gorgeous! L x

  3. I love all the handsewing on the great! I love a bit of handsewing too. x

  4. beautiful, louana! clever lady : )

  5. What a lovely way to use upcycled items!! Looks cute and I better very snuggly to wear too!


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