Tuesday, April 1, 2014

baggy trousers

Textile waste is a world-wide problem, growing by the day, with  our desire to change our clothes each season and the ability to buy cheap fashion readily it's no surprise that there is a problem! It's hard to balance the desire to dress ethically and still clothe myself and fast growing kids without breaking the bank. I am part of the problem, guilty of buying cheap clothes more often than I'd like (no one's perfect right?)  I try to even things out by buying second hand when I can and upcycling those thrifted buys too.

I recent call for some warm clothes for a friend's little one meant I raided my stash of thrifted Merino tops. I keep my eyes peeled for them year round, often picking them up for just $1 over the Summer months (the best time to buy Winter woolies). A few wee holes here and there don't put me off, it often means I get them for a bargain price.

I quickly made up three pairs of little pants to keep the little legs warm. I first made some of these upcycled pants back in 2010 from this great tutorial by Craftykin. So quick and easy!I've made many pairs in the following years. I was inspired by this upcycling post by Dee too when I made the red pair.

As not to waste a scrap of Merino I've got a project in mind for the off cuts - stay tuned!


  1. Awesome pants! and yes yes yes! upcycling, reusing! go you - well done and I'm sure they'll be super toastie and super loved xx

  2. Great upcycling there Louana - just love all 3 pairs of the little pants & can imagine how soft & lovely they will be to wear.
    I know I am a little odd ... but i dont really enjoy buying clothes for myself - I tend to find a few things I like & feel good in & then thrash them til they pretty much fall apart. I can never understand these people that buy new every single season just for the sake of it.

  3. visiting from show and tell. I love upcycling and making merino items for kids is great as it is so expensive to buy.

  4. Super cute list! I was able to find some super cute styles at http://esiamcenter.com/aladdin-pants-c-168/ they have a huge selection of pretty much Baggy Trouser or baggy sweatpants can be worn as you wish: as long leg Aladdin pant, or for the hot summer days, as ¾ leg short Capri pants.


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