Monday, December 9, 2013

no sun

After a November that topped the temperature charts (the hottest November in Auckland since 1959), we've been met by a bit of a rainy December thus far. It's meant that I haven't taken photos of all the things I've been up to. But it gives me a chance to share some things that I have forgotten to share.

I made this Owl mug hug for teacher that was leaving preschool. It was super soft, I want one too.

I finally gave up on searching for pine needles to mulch my strawberries, instead I bought some straw. I also painted some rocks red to pop around the plants to deter the birds. I haven't lost any berries to birds so maybe they are working? But I do often find a teeny tiny slugs curled up on a strawberry munching away. So how do I deter teeny tiny slugs?

Speaking of berries, I've been busy picking boysenberries and raspberries. The raspberries disappear very quickly, popped into mouths and lunchboxes. The boysenberries are going into the freezer and into crumbles!

So it turns out it's mostly a berry post! Here's hoping I get a bit of sun soon and I can share a few more Christmas projects.


  1. At least the sun is backout today - so the washing can get dry. Yum to being able to pick raspberries and boysenberries.

  2. Slugs gggrrr please do let me know the answer !! !!
    Ohhhh berries I want raspberry plants :)

  3. I've heard that pine needles keep slugs away because they are sharp. Worth a try?

  4. Lovely wee mug hug :) and those berries om nom noms!! Hope you find a solution to those sluggers xx

  5. Oooh - berry red is the colour of summer is it not! That mug cover is super cute, you should make yourself one. I myself am guilt of giving the best of my creations away and forgetting to make one for myself!

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