Thursday, August 8, 2013

mini world

I remember when terrariums were big way back in the 80's. Being a small child way back then, I was fascinated by them. Mini plants and little stones, they were like a mini world that I wanted to shrink down to fit in. I desperately wanted some of those mini plants too to make my own mini world. Fast forward a couple of decades (and a resurgence in terrarium popularity) and miss E and I had a go at making our own, on a small scale.

We used shells for drainage and moss we gathered from a "mossy" spot on our walk to school (lots of fun!). We quickly filled up our old preserving jars, popping in a thrifted "friend" in each of them, and planting a small mondo grass plant too.

I wish we had bigger jars to make our mini worlds in, if I was living in Christchurch I'd be buying this trademe listing in a flash! Maybe a glass terrarium should be top of my thrifting list to find?


  1. This is something i have on my list for agesM. I am hopeful next school holidays will be just the time :)

  2. I've had these on my must try list too. A Dinosaur world for my boys would be great! xo

  3. Oooh yes I used to think the same thing :)) my lil girl would love one of these...actually come to think of it so would my 11yr old!

  4. I twas just thinking whilst out running (that is when my best thoughts happen) the other day about flower shows we used to have at school and miniature gardens and vegetable animals etc


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