Friday, August 9, 2013

this week

A few snippets from this week:
-Amazing weather! It's still Winter right?? It's been shorts and T-shirt weather already!
-A crochet project that had me scratching my head - till I remembered that I'm left handed and there are a handful of crochet patterns where that actually makes a difference! Once that was sorted I was away!
- My boy got a scooter and I've loved watching him gain confidence over the week, he's also "away" now!
- My lovely bloggy friend Clare is hosting a giveaway for me, go check it out if you haven't already!
- My Stuck on You giveaway is still open, check it out too. A $25 Stuck on You voucher is up for grabs!


  1. Yes, we're having lovely spring weather too, although our cherry trees are not quite in bloom. Do I spy a magpie in yours? Grrr I prefer tuis, I'm worried that the magpies are extending their territory and will scare away the native birds. S:)

  2. Yip it's definitely feels like spring....the same cherry blossoms in are full flower in the village and everything is growing at a ferocious rate in the garden...its been a really pleasant winter so far :))
    And that piece of crochet you're working on looks very first glance I thought you had taken up lace and cable knitting!!

  3. Amazing weather that's for sure! Looks like a good week x

  4. I had to do a double read at a crochet project having you stumped
    You are like the crochet goddess :)
    Loved watching my two on their scooters whilst we were in South Island


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