Thursday, January 3, 2013


Did you pick any bargains up in the post holiday sales? Well those holiday sales are not really something I rush to, to be honest I can't imagine anything worse! Looking for car parks, queueing up with kids and the general squeeze of people, argh. It's not me. We have however ventured out on some short trips and the only thing I've picked up was some rolls of wrapping paper from the Warehouse, I thought they were half price, but once at the check out I found they were only $0.47c each! Definitely a bargain. I also chose some that could be used for birthdays too - they don't really have that "Christmas" look. I also have a soft spot for presents wrapped in brown paper with folksy printing.

The only other "sales" I've been to is visiting thrift stores in different towns as we've been visiting people. Only problem is, most of them have been closed over the holiday season. I did have some luck today though. A double sized woollen blanket in a lovely aqua for $2, some better than most crochet doilys. The doilys are really finely crocheted in deigns that you don't see often. I also picked up some lovely linens (not all pictured) this all set me back well less than $10. Much better than popping to any mall sales!


  1. Oh my goodness - You always find such lovely things! Embroidered pieces seem harder to come by these days and the colour of that blanket is just gorgeous. I love seeing you thrifty goodies - it keeps me hopeful I will come across good things too. x

  2. I stocked up on a few rolls of that paper too, I thought half price was a bargain - but .47c is madness! I adore the one with the wee birds.

    We didn't have any joy finding open thrifts in our travels, I was a little gutted. The ones we did see that were open, were always when Mollie had juuuust fallen asleep and we couldn't stop! Maybe I should take it as a sign. haha

  3. Hello Louana, Yes I too agree about giving the post christmas sales madness a miss. However, I too bought the rolls of paper you did - I got both the outside ones in the sale and they are lovely for gift wrapping with in the cottage. A nice piece of jute string tied round them - perfect!!
    I am in love with your new blanket and your doiley finds. Look forward to seeing what you do with them. Happy creating, Julie :-)


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