Sunday, January 13, 2013


Way back in August I started making over this little set of cane chairs. They belonged to me many years ago and recently I discovered them in the garage (well way back in August I discovered them!). I gave them a new coat of paint and that's as far as I got. Miss E has been asking if I'd finished them off lots, and with more frequency too. So today with a few precious child-free hours I did. I used some  granny square fabric that I had printed by Spoonflower last year for the cushions. It didn't take too long, as soon as she was back home she took to playing with them. Seems all the Sylvanian families are suffering in this summer heat too - they are all naked! Another unfinished project completed! Just to get one thing completed is a major accomplishment at the moment. This heat is just so energy zapping!


  1. So, so sweet! I've started my search for doll house furniture and it is surprisingly hard to come by non-plastic (and Barbie pink) stuff! These are real treasures, so nice they got a new lease on life : )

  2. Lucky Sylvanians! At first I thought you had crocheted the covers. Good work to get another WIP ticked off, I'm all about finishing at the mo!


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