Tuesday, November 27, 2012

hanging out

I often get stuck in an accessory rut, end up wearing the same earrings and necklace with every outfit, if I wear any at all. I suppose it's a lot like the outfits I wear too. I once heard a statistic that we were 10% of our clothes 90% of the time. The biggest obstacle is seeing what I have in order to wear it - of course along with that is having easy access to it.

Last Christmas I made my mum one of these earring holders (using some of the special fabric stiffener that I use to make my crocheted Christmas ornaments) with a doily and an embroidery hoop. It's taken me all year to make one for myself to hang my earrings on. I'll  have to track down the rest of my earrings, they seem to be hiding away somewhere, I do have more than five pairs.

I've made a few for my up coming markets too, I'm trying to decide which one I'll keep for myself. I do love the geometric one in the bottom pic. Luckily the doily was big enough to make a couple of hoops!

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