Thursday, November 22, 2012


Who are you crafting for this Christmas? Your mum, sister or children? Well what about taking some time to craft for someone else's mum, sister or child? For the past couple of years I've been making some little zip purses and filling them with some cosmetics and other small treats for people who might not be having a "very merry Christmas". The Salvation Army has a toy and Christmas gift drive with drop off points at my local library. Each year I see lots of stuffed toys and things for small children in the drop off box, so I thought my time would be better spent focusing on older children - tweens if you will. My mum and I and a few friends save up all sorts of little things throughout the year to gift at Christmas time. I feel especially strongly about doing this, this year in particular. It has a lot to do with this post by Nin. Also it's nice to do something nice for someone else, right? So maybe when you are busy crafting for your family and friends you could take just a bit of extra time to make something for someone who needs a special Christmas too.

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  1. love this!! I really want to do something like this, this year...


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