Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Did you see my post on my tea cup candles? Well when I bought my wick holders I bought a pack of 50, it was the smallest amount I could find, but I was really wondering would I ever make 50 candles??? Well I think not, I've made 10 with my 1kg of soy wax. I even made a couple in some pretty etched wine glasses that I thrifted, after seeing some in a magazine. So instead of leaving all these wick holders in the garage for many years, I'm going to offer some to you dear blog readers.

I've got 3 packs of 10 holders that I'm happy to post to anyone in New Zealand so you too could have a go at making some candles.The first three people to leave a comment below saying they would like some get them! Just email me your delivery details too and I'll pop them in the post for you!


  1. Oh wow you are a love!! I was wondering about how you did the wick part. Still wondering actually but it may come clearer to me in time. I know our girls would love to make candles with me. Thank you so much for the lovely offer.
    Sarah Red Gingham

  2. Yes please!!! I was thinking your lovely candles would make sweet gifts!

  3. Ooh yes please! Especially after seeing the lovely ones you made! If you pop them in with the necklace, I will just add some extra for postage... You're such a sweetie!

  4. Thanks for the comments, I'll pop the wick holders in the post ASAP.


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