Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I finally finished off my crochet yolk top, it was an improvised design and I'm quite pleased with it. The fabric part at the bottom is from a linen skirt that I got from my local Salvation Army store and I used some organic cotton for the crochet yolk. It's the same front and back making it perfect to grab on a busy morning!

After seeing an advertisement in Frankie magazine for "Crochet Modern Vintage" crochet pattern book I really wanted it, I picked it up at my local yarn store. It's got 15 patterns and I'm totally smitten with the brown poncho, I think I'll have to save hard to make it though, the pattern uses 16 balls! I really like the necklaces and I whipped up the owl one when I really should have been crafting for my up (and fast approaching) markets.

Did you see this picture on Stella's blog? It's my little man and I'm super happy with the amazing job she's done. I'm looking forward to getting the original in my hands and finding a nice frame for it. Gosh she's so clever!

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  1. he he, i did see your wee man on stella's blog...her sister came and did a photo shoot here awhile back and gave me stella's blog address to check out...funny the links in blogland. Beautiful picture == and love your owl!


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