Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We had a very busy weekend, tractor rides, pony rides, visiting relatives, thrift shopping, farmers market, the first real fruit ice creams of the season and the list goes on. The highlight for me and the kids was visiting the Auckland Botanical Gardens, the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom and it was nothing short of magical (my little point and shoot doesn't do them justice at all- seriously magical!). They looked amazing and it was so amazing to walk below them, several families were having picnics underneath and it seemed like the perfect spot to have one.

It was the opening weekend of their sculpture trail and we really enjoyed spotting sculptures in the distance trying to work out what they were made of and then getting up close and admiring them. Little legs meant we didn't get a chance to explore them all but that gives us a good excuse to go again soon.

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  1. It is lovely to see your Spring starting as our Autumn gets into full flow...it feels good to see what we will be enjoying when we get to the end of what they are forecasting will be another hard winter! :D


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