Friday, October 7, 2011

usborne guide

Make your own jewellery - an Usborne guide published in 1987 has got to be the book I read most as a child. I was 8 years old in 87' and I can't imagine ever getting rid of this book even though it's a bit dated now. As a child I wanted to make everything on every page, the sunflower seed earrings, the rhinestone brooches, the brightly coloured paper mache necklaces! I did actually make many of the projects in the book, begging my mum to buy me the supplies I needed. The model looked so cool (to my 8 year old self) and I wanted to be just like her.

Going through my book shelf recently I came across this book and got inspired all over again by the projects. I really liked the aeroplane necklace and for years I've been looking for some suitable to make a necklace with. I haven't found any yet, but it go me thinking what else I could hang from a chain/necklace. I've got a very small collection on little teacups and bits and pieces from toy tea sets and thought they would look sweet hanging from a chain. I've made one so far (and run out of chain) but hope to make some more (once I've had a trip to spotlight).

Do you have any favourite childhood crafting books?


  1. I really like your necklace Louana! I get my chain from Craftrunner- I'm pretty sure it'll be cheaper than spotlight, and bonus! door to door delivery!

  2. oh my goodness- i actually remember this book from my childhood! i think it's one i used to get from the library a lot. i love your tea cup necklace. :)

  3. love the funky lil teacup :) I have a little pile of bits n bobs that plan to get onto a chain one day too - its fun to keep interesting things around your neck. and its fun to find inspiration in different places like you said the toy box.!


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