Monday, October 24, 2011


Today marks the last day of the school holidays and it's also a national holiday here, Labour day. I think many New Zealanders will be happy in the fact it's a public holiday today, after the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup last night, I imagine that there might be some tired heads today.

With the sun shining brightly we headed out to a local beach this afternoon, the kids had a swim (it was a wee bit cold for me though) and I did a little bit of crochet on the beach. I've got a couple of craft fairs coming up and I'm trying to make the most of every spare bit of time. The first fair is in a couple of weeks at my daughter's school and the other is....... the Auckland Art and Craft fair! I hope to catch up with some local readers there, so book the date in! Saturday the 10th of December. Is it just me or is Christmas creeping up mighty quickly?


  1. oh WOW!!!! that's great news, congrats on making it into the Auckland fair! it sounds like they had twice as many applicants this time so that's really wonderful you got in.
    hope both fairs go wonderfully for you~ X

    ps. i'd love to pop in and say hi but we're in hawke's bay that weekend.. :( :(...

  2. looks like you had a lovely labour day. :)
    and how cool you'll be at the fair with those lovely notebooks- see you there.


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