Thursday, June 9, 2011

warmth #1

The very cold winter weather is yet to hit us here, we've had a lot of rain and quite warm weather for this time of the year. But I'm sure there are cooler days ahead. I've wanted to make some small lap blankets to keep in the lounge for ages, combine that with an overflowing basket of thrifted felted woollen jumpers/cardigans and you get a patchwork wool blanket!

This one is for my husband (um, yes there is quite a few patches from a pinkish jumper, but he doesn't mind) who likes to keep warm. After I cut out all the squares I was left with lots of small scrappy bits so I cut out some shapes and sewed them on the top too - they worked out handy to sew over some holes and stains that I couldn't get out. It is super duper warm and was making me quite hot as I was sewing on the binding (a thrifted linen shirt cut into strips). The backing is a thick cotton from Spotlight that was on sale. I'm quite pleased with it and on to my next one so when the cold hits we'll be nice and cosy.


  1. oooh, i love the warm colours and the idea to sew the bits on top of stains etc is pre genius, plus looks fab...i am partial to a bit of styly upcycling...perfect for this weather!

  2. It's very pretty...erm I mean in a manly way obviously. I might have to thrift a few more jerseys this winter to felt, my crochet blanket is still only a foot long.


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