Saturday, June 25, 2011

mini makeover

I'm giving my sewing space a mini makeover. It's nestled into the corner of our bedroom, once mr A came along it was goodbye to the spare room. The table I've been using for many years is a Formica table that has splashes of paint all over it and rather unappealing, not so great to have in your bedroom day in and day out. I sew and cut out my work with a stack of towels on the table top working as an ironing board and a place to pin too. To makeover the table I stapled down a double layer of towelling and then a layer of a thrifted woollen blanket. The top layer is a piece of green cotton (with a linen look) fabric. To make sure it doesn't get covered with bits of visoflex and vilene when I iron on it I've made a little slip cover of the same fabric that I can easily wash and protect the bottom layer.

As it was just a mini-makeover I didn't paint the legs of the table, I got out some of Wendyl Nissen's peppermint paste and a scourer and the paint just scrubbed off! That had the added bonus of our room smelling delicious too. It's now a much more pleasant place to sit and sew.


  1. I love the way a little makeover can make you feel so much better about your "space". Your table looks lovely and such a great colour.

  2. It's amazing how a small change can make a big difference :)

    Enjoy crafting on your new table, it looks fab.


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