Tuesday, February 23, 2010

jack be very little

This is the one and only pumpkin to come out of my garden this year. It's a Jack be little variety and no it's not meant to be quite that little! I grew some last year and had much more success. I'm not too sure what went wrong as the plant looked very healthy and lots of pumpkins formed. They did however all shrivel up and fall off and this one didn't grow too much at all. I planted them in a different spot this year and maybe it didn't get quite as much sun or not enough water. Miss E thinks it's perfect for playing kitchen with, and she's right, I don't think it's perfect for much else. I hope I have better luck next year.


  1. Not much use but very very cute! We've got a giant pumpkin competition at the Harvest Festival in Devonport this weekend. Maybe you should enter it :o)

  2. hehe- that is really quite small! our pumpkins have been tiny this year too... maybe it's not having enough sun?


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