Thursday, February 4, 2010


The summer heat is zapping my energy and I'm seldom without a water bottle, either mine or one of the kids.So in order for all of us to cool off a little I made this little ice block for the kids to play with outside, I froze some little dinosaur toys in an ice cream container. I froze them in layers so they wouldn't all come out at once and I added some colour layers too with food colouring. It was loads of fun and mr A was totally fascinated in it, and kept putting his whole face on it - it has been really hot. The little paddling pool we have has been a lifesaver for keeping the kids cooled and my feet find their way in there too to cool off a little. The crazy thing is in all this heat I'm busy crocheting woollen winter mittens! A few ends to sew in and then I'll be ready to show them off. Roll on winter!

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