Tuesday, June 9, 2009

woodland elf hat

I'm really into recycling old woollen jumpers at the moment. Washing them on a hot cycle and a tumble in the dryer to felt them and then turning them into hats and other little things. This pattern - woodland elf hat is from Amy Karol's great book Bend-the-rules sewing. Miss E loves it which is great as not all hats get this seal of approval, she is also sporting a wool roving scarf that she designed herself. The pattern calls for an applique flower but with no wool felt in my stash I needle felted the flower. I've got another one of these nearly finished in a super soft grey wool blend. Lucky little heads. Amy has a great blog you can find that here and a new book on the way too.

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  1. I'm a keen woollen jumper up-cycler too - this is really sweet. Love the colour : )


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