Thursday, October 4, 2012

tick tick

 I spotted this "top" in a local thrift store. I tried it on
and I liked the cut and fit, but it was, I'm pretty sure,
a nightgown. I was really looking for Summer tops and didn't need a nightgown. I thought maybe it could be transformed, a touch of dye, some length cut from the bottom and a wee bit of embroidery on the bodice and ta da! I must admit that when I was purchasing it, the lady at the thrift store commented on how nice it was and looked oh so very shocked once I told her I was going to dye it! She didn't really want to sell it to me after that. Imagine if I'd told her I was going to chop the bottom off it too! That's one Summer top transformation down.

This is transformation number 2 (no before pic sorry) I found this cotton top on the same thrifting trip. It ticked all the boxes, light weight cotton, long sleeved, it fitted! and in good condition too. The only problem was, it was bright aqua. Not too much of a problem really, it just seemed a bit brighter than I'd normally wear. I was inspired by this tutorial by Dee, but I wasn't convinced that bleaching was the way to go for me or this top, darker is more slimming right? Who doesn't need a slimmer mid section? I basically followed what Dee did, but with dye instead of bleach! It worked well and I'm pleased with the results. Transformation number 2 - tick!


  1. Hi Louana - I have missed a couple of posts!! So glad your spinning went well & you had a great day. I am loving the transformation of the tops you have done - love those colours you have achieved with the dying. I too need some new summer tops as all mine appear to have "shrunk" in the wash !!!! :-) Julie

  2. Nice job... Its great when you see something you have a vision for :)


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