Thursday, October 25, 2012


Last weekend my kids had a day with my mum. When they arrived at the door miss E was beaming and had something under her arm. I knew in an instant what it was, even though I haven't actually seen it for more than twenty years!

Back when I was a child, you had to queue to be seated in our local Pizza Hut. I remember waiting and waiting, and finally getting seated and then fun with the  free spinning tops and the paper place mats that had little puzzles and games on them. Also the best little red pencils ever that you got to take home! We didn't eat out much and if we went to Pizza Hut it was a really big treat. It's funny I can't imagine anyone waiting around to be served like that today. This was before the days of "all you could eat" pizza too, you ordered off the menu and again the waiting for the pizzas to arrive. I'm not sure how we ended up with the mini pizza box but I was inspired to make the above "pizza" out of salt dough to put inside. I can't really remember playing with it, but I'm sure I must have. Mum had it tucked away in her hot water cupboard as salt dough does tend to get a bit soft, obviously quite forgotten for many, many years. Miss E has added it to her play food collection and has been delivering my pizza ever since.


  1. That is so gorgeous! What a precious find! Keeping something like that tucked away in a cupboard forever is exactly something my mum would do. She still unearths relics from my childhood every now and then, but no gems have been near as awesome as your salt-dough pizza. Lovely! :)

    Btw - I miss the days of the old Pizza Hutt. I admit our family were regulars at our local Northcote Pizza Hutt before it became an all-you-can-eat place (which I think spelled out the demise of dine in Pizza Hutt restaurants!). The paper placemats, the spinning tops... (I still have one of those somewhere.) The red gingham...

    Aww. I wish I could take my kids there now. :/

    And the Deep Dish Bolognase. Did you ever try that? I think I loved it more than the pizza, and almost as much as the brandy snaps!

  2. Hi Louana - a great post !! Yes I too remember the days of pizza hut being such a treat for us as kids too. I think the salt dough pizza looks great - your kids are lucky to have such a creative Mum!! Julie :-)

  3. you are so cute. i too have fun memories of pizza hut during childhood. esp. the dessert bar! but i can't believe you made this amazing salt dough play pizza, you have been making cool stuff ever since you were tiny!


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