Friday, October 5, 2012

wee walk

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 The weather hasn't been too great over this first week of the school holidays. We have ventured out each day, but only for short, close to home trips. It seems that we were suffering from a bit of cabin fever. I suggested a little walk in the park across the road. It borders an inlet where a lot of large pine tress have been recently cut down along it's banks. Miss E was keenly gathering up pine cones (apparently the pippin leader needs them next term!), cursing me (not actually cursing! She is only 6, just putting on a grump)  for not bring a bag for her to carry them in. Mr A however was only interested in shiny metal, bottle tops and pull tabs and he filled his pockets with them!

Miss E is wearing a number of handmade clothes made by me. I had actually pulled the green cardi (made in 2010) out of her draw as it had got too small and I didn't feel that she needed it. Well I was certainly put in my place when she declared that "the short sleeves made it the PERFECT cardi for warmer weather and when, you know mum, it's not so cold!" She's probably right about that too, rereading the post about making the cardi I now remember that the sleeves were never very long to begin with.

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  1. how cute! such darling children.

    <3 Melissa


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