Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Making jam scares me, I'm always worried it won't set properly and the thought that all the hard work of saving those berries (rather than just munching on them in the garden) could be wasted terrifies me. So when I saw the Chelsea jam setting sugar in the supermarket I thought it would be worth a try. The sugar requires 1kg of fruit and I had saved much more than that in the freezer of strawberries from the garden. It's amazing how many I'd actually manged to freeze with all the little mouths that snack on them in the garden and how few strawberry plants I actually have. I was quite pleased with the results, the taste is amazing but I would have liked it so set ever so slightly more. We all agree it tastes best on freshly made pikelets on the weekend, yum.


  1. MMMM yes jam tastes good on pikelets. I still have not seen that Jam setting sugar at my supermarket, might have to look elsewhere. And plant more than 2 highly neglested pots of strawberries..

  2. Your jam looks lovely - I always put the juice of 1/2 a lemon in my jam to make sure it sets and never have a problem - so you can use ordinary sugar !

  3. thanks Carol, I've used lemon juice before too, I don't have a lemon tree so this sugar is a good standby if I can't convince a friend to give me one of their lemons.


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