Wednesday, March 3, 2010

birthday wishes

We celebrated a birthday here this week, my little miss E turned 4. I made her a special doctor's/nurse's kit. I made a big bag from a thrifted denim skirt lining it with some red and white check fabric, the apron was a man's shirt with a bit of felt sewn on for the cross. I used the button hole strip on the shirt for the neck band of the apron so it could be adjustable for comfort ( costumes have to be comfy or they quickly get discarded around these parts). I added doctor's kit from Seedling which had a great real stethoscope in it which is really the best part as far as miss E is concerned. I found all sorts of other things to add, some little bandages, a few plastic syringes, an empty medicine bottle to name a few. After checking all of our heart beats, the birthday Hansa chicken got checked out, it was decided that although it looked very realistic it was in fact "just pretend mummy, it has no heart beat" ah yes.

I imagine there will be lots of patients around here for quite a while.


  1. oh- i love this! what a great present! your little girl is so sweet.


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