Tuesday, January 12, 2010

for a little boy

I made this quilt for my little one year old as a birthday present. I made this wigwam for miss E for her first birthday so I thought another big sewing project was in order for mr A. It's made from thrifted jeans and my old cast off jeans, men's shirts were used for the backing side and the batting is a thrifted woollen blanket. The blanket was queen sized and marked as a dog blanket (suitable only for a dog to sleep on I imagine) for only $3. There were a few small marks and a couple of small holes but nothing I couldn't work around especially as I was cutting it all up into squares, I couldn't believe my luck. The whole thing cost me around $20 with nearly half of that price the thread. I used the ruffle quilt pattern again, mainly because it's so easy and I'm scared to try any actual quilting. It's really warm and I made it a generous size, would fit a single or a double. I tried to keep some of the "architectural" details of the jeans, like pockets. I think there are about 10 pockets sewn randomly around the quilt for hiding little treasures in, note to self - check pockets before washing! I hope that it is built to last a lifetime and will be treasured for years to come.
In other news, I'm having a summer sale in my Etsy and Felt stores check them out.

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